3D Intra - Oral Scanning

“Digital Dentistry – a new era of Dentistry”

At Prospect Dental, we use the latest in 3D digital technology to help make your dental treatment more comfortable, interactive and efficient! They can be
used in a number of procedures and treatments such as orthodontics, crowns and bridge work, veneers and implants. Digital dentistry is all about creating an exciting and comfortable experience, uniting patient, dentist and technician in the computer aided virtual world. The end result is beautiful, precise and of the highest quality.


How does a 3D intra-oral scanner work?

Put simply, it is a small hand-held wand that gently moves around the patient’s mouth to deliver a 3-dimensional digital impression of your teeth and
soft tissue. It takes as little as 2-3 minutes and the end result is an interactive 3D image of both arches. It eliminates the need for any messy uncomfortable
alginate impressions! Intra-oral scanners are just one of many ways our dentists provide first-class modern dentistry.


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