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In order to give children the best long-term investment in their dental health, it is important to make a child’s dental visit fun and enjoyable. At Prospect Dental, we treat all our patients with empathy and care, but we know that children in particular, require our utmost efforts to make them feel comfortable. This is the first and most important step towards a lifelong healthy smile. Did you know that dental decay is the most common childhood disease?

With dental cavities at an all-time high, it is crucial that their dental appointments are made a priority. A child’s first dental visit should be made within 6 months of the first tooth erupting, or by your child’s first birthday.


The First Dental Appointment


Although 6 months to 1 year seems early to bring a child in for their first appointment, it allows the clinician to teach the parent or carer preventative

dental care as their teeth continue to erupt. This in turn can help to minimise dental problems in the future.


Subsequent Appointments


By the time a child is three years old, they will have a set of 20 primary (baby) teeth – 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. However, there are some cases
where children may have missing teeth, some teeth may be joined together or they may have extra teeth. Each tooth helps reserve the space for the
subsequent adult tooth that needs to erupt later on. We recommend that subsequent appointments are made 6-12 monthly. This will help us ensure that the teeth are free from cavities, that they are being kept as clean as possible and also helps us monitor the development of the jaw and to make sure there will be no crowding with the eruption of the adult teeth.


Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

If you are eligible, Medicare covers up to $1,000 over 2 calendar years for basic dental services under CDBS. The services we will cover include:


  • Check-ups
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning
  • Fissure sealing
  • Fillings
  • Foot canals
  • Extractions

There are some restrictions for basic dental services and our clinicians will let

you know if there are any before commencing any treatment.


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